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Liane von Droste
Neele ist da geblieben
Portraits und Reportagen



edition steinlach, Glienicke,
1. Auflage, Juni 2010
ISBN: 978-3-00-030840-6



They are only a few months old or a hundred years, they are teenagers, young adults or retired recently. What they all have in common is a limitation of their mobility or the experienceof otherness. Not every person in this book is "disabled" in the typical sense. All of them are being disabled – of insurmountable stairs, prejudice, too small letters or by people who rule over the cost of a wheelchair repair, a place in kindergarten or the angle of inclination of a wheelchair ramp. Ina, Klara, Metin and Waldemar, on who the portraits and reportages are centered, give insight into their daily lives and thoughts in their discussions with the author. They have mundane or dramatic experiences are happy or sad; for many of them medical progress or the internet makes it easier to participate in life and establish contact with others.


A book against the barriers in people's minds.



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softcover; 220 pages; 78 black and white photographs;

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28,50 CHF (Schweiz)


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