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Liane von Droste
Images in Time – the Erbe Chronicle
Medical Technology from Tübingen 1851 – 2015


edition steinlach, Glienicke,
1. Edition, April 2015
ISBN 978-3-981-5658-2-9





The Company Chronicle


It is the year 1851. It will be decades before electricity comes from a socket. In his workshop at Holzmarkt, Christian Heinrich Erbe constructs optical devices and other instruments for scientists at the university. His range of products will soon to be expanded by surgical snares, platinum burners and electrodes heated for treatment and surgical applications using galvanic current generated by zinc-carbon batteries. The university mechanicus has laid the foundation for the “C. Erbe Mechanische und optische Werkstätte.” Today, 164 years and four generations later, the business is still based on solid craftsmanship, exacting precision and modern electrosurgical technology. Physicians around the globe perform operations using highly specialized surgical systems from Tübingen. Erbe – a Swabian family enterprise in its fifth generation – has not only shaped the history of a city but also that of the business world and technology for more than one-and-a half centuries.

The Erbe biography – a captivating chronicle of our times.


The Author

Liane von Droste was born in1959. She earned a degree in English and German at the Uni-versity of Tübingen. Her professional life involves doing a lot of writing. After training as a journalist she worked on the editorial staff of various daily newspapers, most recently as senior editor. Since 2001 she has been a self-employed journalist, author and lecturer. She and her husband live in Glienicke near Berlin. Lectureships at the universities of Tübingen and Constance frequently take her to the south-western part of the country. Two of the three monographs published by her so far have been devoted to historical topics. Between 2011 and 2014 she con-ducted research in collections, archives and databases and carried out numerous interviews for the Erbe Chronicle. With her well-founded knowledge of the enterprise’s history, Liane von Droste has also contributed substantially to the concept and texts for a historic exhibition which opened at the Erbe Academy in 2015.


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